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Auditing existing sexual misconduct and discrimination policies and procedures

What campus policies and provincial laws govern the steps that should occur in a case of sexual misconduct?

D. Stafford & Associates blends thorough off-site document/policy review with stakeholder interviews to discover and assess what the institution has in place and identify how existing systems and processes can be enhanced to ensure that they meet industry best practices and provincial law. Following a comprehensive audit, DSA can help schools create a unified policy/process that covers all aspects of sexual misconduct response.

Developing best-practice administrative policies, procedures and response protocols pertaining to the intake and resolution of sexual misconduct reports that take into account common law principles of procedural fairness.

How well does your campus respond when a sexual assault occurs?

D. Stafford & Associates works with campuses to evaluate the quality of the response across the campus community, including teaching campus administrators how to use a trauma-informed and victim-centered approach to sexual misconduct response while ensuring fairness to the accused. DSA can train public safety and campus administrators together on conducting and overseeing sexual misconduct investigations and recommend strategies and implementation plans for campus-wide training.

Conducting Administrative investigations (non-criminal) and aiding the institution in appropriately adjudicating misconduct and discrimination utilizing a trauma-informed, victim-centered approach.

D. Stafford & Associates provides independent administrative investigation services for campus clients. Our trained investigators can serve as consultants to your investigators or can conduct full investigations when an independent investigator is preferred.

On-site training for individual campuses: Training students, faculty and administrators on best practices for preventing and responding to sexual misconduct on campus.

D. Stafford & Associates can create custom training on a variety of sexual misconduct topics and deliver them on-site or via webinar specifically for your institution.