Advanced Clery Act Compliance Training Academy: Practical Application of the Regulations

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Advanced Clery Act Compliance Training Academy: Practical Application of the Regulations

The ADVANCED Clery Act Compliance Training Academy is a 3 ½ day training program that provides an opportunity for attendees to build upon the foundation provided in the D. Stafford & Associates Clery Act Compliance Training Academy through a combination of instruction, discussion, and group-based learning activities that explore how to practically apply relevant laws and ED guidance to some of the most vexing issues facing practitioners.

This experience is designed to be interactive, with attendees participating in group analysis and exercises throughout the 3 ½ days. Participants will be able to assess their ability to competently apply the law to specific scenarios and problems while evaluating pertinent operating procedures and practices that relate to complying with the Clery Act.

The class will extend what attendees learned in the DSA Clery Act Compliance Training Academy by:

  • using scenarios to provide participants with an opportunity to apply classification and counting rules to specific fact patterns for purposes of accurately classifying and counting crime statistics in accordance with Clery Act definitions and standards;
  • providing structured opportunities for practitioner to discuss how to manage the data collection, compilation, reconciliation, and reporting processes to ensure compliance;
  • affording participants with the opportunity to analyze what makes a crime log compliant and how to manage the log;
  • understanding the key concepts of Clery Geography and how to translate that understanding into formation of a “Clery Map”;
  • developing policies and operating procedures for managing Timely Warning Notices and Emergency Notifications; and
  • providing opportunities to assess reported incidents and in developing compliant alerts for your campus community.

Registrants will be required to submit various documents via a survey link prior to attending the class, as some of those submissions will be used during the class for purposes of group analysis and assessment.

The class size is limited to allow for a significant amount interactive discussion and group exercises.

Pre-Requisite for Attending:

Attendees must have successfully completed the DSA Clery Act Training Academy after January 1, 2014 to be eligible to attend the Advanced Clery Act Compliance Training Academy. Eligibility will be verified prior to an invoice being issued to the attendee.


This class is held in various locations around the country each year. The class is generally held from 8:00 am -5 :00 pm on the first three days and 8:00 am -10:00 am on the last day (check the logistics for each individual class by clicking on the RED REGISTER button, as some class times may be adjusted within the 4 days due to space issues at the host campus).

Additional logistics (airports, hotels, and other location specific information) is available when clicking the “Class Details” button for a specific class. (Note: clicking the “Class Details” button will not automatically register attendees for this class. There is an additional registration button that attendees must click to register at the bottom of the logistics page to complete the registration process).

The Foundations of the Clery Act

D. Stafford & Associates has partnered with the National Association of Clery Compliance Officers and Professionals (NACCOP) to develop and provide regional, two-day Clery Act training classes around the U.S.

The Foundations of the Clery Act class will provide a basic overview of the requirements of the Clery Act and is suited for people who are new to the Clery Act as well as those who have previously attended Clery Act training, as we continually update the curriculum to include new information received from the U.S. Department of Education based on our questions about practical application of the regulations and Handbook. The regional classes are a perfect way to provide Clery Act training for Public Safety Command Staff and Supervisory personnel who need to have a greater level of knowledge and understanding of the Clery Act. This class is also appropriate for members of Clery Compliance Committees and Student Conduct and Title IX staff members who need a deeper understanding of the requirements of the Clery Act. Finally, this class is also a perfect opportunity to invite the person who supervises the Public Safety unit (VP/AVP, etc.) to obtain additional insights regarding the various requirements of the law.

We highly recommend that the appropriate staff members in the following areas attend to make sure they understand the complexities of the law and their role in the institution’s compliance activities: the General Counsel’s Office, Student Affairs, Housing/Residence Life, Student Conduct, Human Resources and the Title IX unit, to name a few.


Interested in bringing a 2-day Clery class to your institution or system? Click here to learn more.

Current Classes

DSA Advanced Clery Act Compliance Academy 2019-MO

October 28-31, 2019
Saint Louis University, MO, Monastero Banquet Center

DSA Advanced Clery Act Compliance Academy 2019-PA

December 2-5, 2019
Villanova University, PA, Garey Hall

DSA Advanced Clery Act Compliance Academy 2020-TX

February 10-13, 2020
University of Texas at Arlington in Arlington, TX

DSA Advanced Clery Act Compliance Academy 2020-MA

April 14-17, 2020
Suffolk University in Boston, MA

DSA Advanced Clery Act Compliance Academy 2020-MO

September 8-11, 2020
Maryville University in St. Louis, MO

DSA Advanced Clery Act Compliance Academy 2020-PA

November 3-6, 2020
Cairn University in Langhorne, PA (Outside Philadelphia)